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The Furniture Guys – The Best Furniture Wholesaler in Pittsburgh

The Furniture Guys – The Best Furniture Wholesaler in Pittsburgh

Furniture is a requirement in life – it is needed for quite a few activities around the home and at the office as well.  There are several different furniture styles to choose from as well – the best resource is usually a local furniture store.

4 The Furniture Guys – The Best Furniture Wholesaler in Pittsburgh

Furniture stores are usually a one stop shop – they offer furniture for every part of the house, regardless of whether it is required indoors or outdoors.  Depending on the location, local stores usually carry furniture suited for that area and also styles created by local artisans.  The Furniture Guys are a Pittsburgh based furniture store and have been serving the local community for over a decade.  They have a wide range of products and services on offer.  What one has to remember is that the homes in this area are on the smaller side – furniture is available to scale as well.


Check out their bedroom suites – they have a wonderful collection in a range of colors and materials.  The in-house interior design team can always help to change the look of a room or the entire house.  A wide range of top quality mattresses are available as well – so take advantage of sales and specials to have a comfortable haven – and get a great nights’ sleep.  Heading to the next most important room in a home, check out their range of dinettes – choose from bench style seating, breakfast tables, 4 or 6 seaters.


The living room is the centerpiece of a home – the Furniture guys not only have a great collection of sofas, settees and other seating options, they also have packages.  These packages are designed to get a customer all the required furniture by giving them the complete look but also save a lot of money.  All these sets are made with quality materials and will be delivered and set up in the home, for a fee.  Check out their range of coffee and end tables, side tables and decorative ones as well.  There are many fantastic pieces which can add style and elegance to the home – or even a particular room.


Just like any other customer oriented business, there are bound to be a few disgruntled customers.  There aren’t any customer reviews about the Furniture Guys – check local newspapers or talk to someone who may have shopped there earlier.  Their website is under construction and not much information is to be had.  The Furniture Guys work hard to provide good customer service and also work hard to find good, solid furniture for their customers.  Now that the website is being made accessible, email them to find out information about the store and how they can help with decorating.


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