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We all know that no matter how reputed a furnishing house is, it is actually nothing if it cannot deliver the ordered product safe and sound at the customer’s place. Purnell Furniture Services is one of the leading furniture delivery coordinators who have been trusted by almost all the leading furnishing houses since 32 years.

Almost all the smart furnishing house owners truly believe that if they cannot deliver the furniture nicely at the customer’s place, their job remains incomplete. Also, if the delivered product is damaged in any way, it can leave a bad impression on the service of the furniture store. It is actually very difficult to keep an eye on the workers on the loading truck as how they are managing the sets, and therefore, giving this task to a delivery coordinator will be the best possible solution of all. Purnell very well understands the need of safe delivery and thus they are now at the forefront of delivering furniture sets at the customer’s place safe and in style.

Purnell Delivers: The White Glove Experts!

Purnell started with their furniture store in the interiors of North Virginia but soon the owner lost the lease of the store and since then the Purnell boys started delivering furniture sets to the customer’s place for other retailers. This was a business which sprung up out of necessity and slowly it has now become one of the leading furniture deliverers spreading over 17 states.

It is now connected to the leading furniture stores, interior designing stores as well as with the internet eTailers. All the furniture houses in the country totally believes in the service of Purnell’s as they have more than 30 years of experience and are now believed to be the experts in the field of furniture delivery.

However, there are a few negative points which have come up regarding the service of Purnell’s. A customer from the USA have encountered major problem regarding the service of Purnell. When they got their furniture sets at their place, they were much excited to open it and see what’s inside. However, the Purnell’s workers didn’t show any interest in opening the packages for them and they moved out of their house simply dumping the packaged furniture in the living area. This was a lot disappointing for the customer and when they filed a complaint against their service, the Purnell’s owner said that they will send the workers again to fix it but till now no one came. Another customer was of the view that their delivered furniture sets were severely damaged and when they complained it to Purnell’s, they said that they cannot do anything as it is the fault of the furniture retailers and when they called the furniture store, they said the same thing for Purnell’s and now they do not to whom to confront.

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