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The Miracle Furniture is a family owned specializing in home furnishing and accessories. They are mainly situated in USA. A new store has been opened in Miami soon. They offer some really nice theme based collections of home furnishing.

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Miracle Furniture is a Store that trades in home furnishing. They have recently opened a store in Miami. They specialize in many different types of furniture like furniture for bedroom, living room sets, dining room sets, etc. Some of the collections they have are “Graham Mocha” upholstery collection that combines the straight lined modern designs and surroundings with soft upholstery fabric. The “Bianca” collection which stands for traditional beauty of the dining room collection that floes through the scrolling metal work. The “Exeter” which enhances the living room area beauty with rich contemporary designer works. The “Doll House” is one of its sweetest collection which has bright pastels colors and ample built in storage facility, it provides total comfy feeling and fun to its full sleigh bed. “Rosalie”, the collection which gives youtransitionalstyle master bedroom with a warm and inviting ambience. “IT Zone” which gives a cool look for to your furniture for storing gadgets and cosmos.

Some of the basic facilities which is provided by The Miracle Furniture are friendly service, home delivery, great and affordable prices. One of the interesting feature about Miracle Furniture is that it’s a family owned business that trades in quality home furniture and accessories at really amazing prices. Here one can find anything and everything needed to decorate our sweet home beautifully. They are able to keep their customers interest maintained in them by offering exciting offers regularly. For example “every day bonus” like free matching chairs with purchase of two pieces of living room set, etc.

These offers are nothing but just temptations for the customers to buy more as if we look closely we’ll find that none of the offers are non conditional. In today’s era of technology we can judge from the look of the website Miracle Furniture that they have lagged behind. Their website is not a catchy one, it could have been possible to design it in a much better way that could have attracted more customers. Moreover all the required information and detailing is not showcased on its website, thus making it low in the ranking. Another negative aspect about Miracle Furniture is that they haven; gone global. In the globalizing era today this is a big flaw. If any store is spread all over the world then obviously it will attract more customers. Thus its high time now when Miracle Furniture thinks about spreading its wings far and wide apart from America.

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Doma Home Furnishings Review

Doma Home Furnishings Review

Doma home furnishings have many selections of fabric and leather symbolizing style and quality. You can also order your furniture online. You can get products in different budgets and requirements.

H0712C Doma Home Furnishings Review

Doma home furnishings feature custom upholstery. They have several selections of leather or fabric which represents durability and timeless styling. You can order the displayed fabric or choose from lot of different options. The lead times may run from some 4 to 8 weeks. Doma home furnishings are limited and unique. They put in efforts to source limited production or one-of-kind art and furniture pieces from across the world. They can also fetch you a specific furniture piece that you have in mind. The selected items are always in stock and inventory will be available for pick up or immediate delivery.
A Look at Doma Home Furnishing


Doma home furnishings have a quick ship scheme with many manufacturers on most popular products. You can also order online for purchasing a furniture piece you view on their website. The Doma home furnishings also provide appointment services. They encourage and welcome the chance to work on a one–on-one basis with you to find suitable design. You may fix an appointment with one of their many service consultants to get a dedicated consultation within store. They also provide after-hour appointments if you want. They are willing to help you and provide additional assistance even if you have an interior designer of your own.

Doma home furnishings also provide interior design solution that is structured to satisfy your budget and needs. They also provide a remix design option. This option is aimed at utilizing a large number of existing furnishings in your room without changing your color palette or layout. It compliments your home by providing the ‘missing piece’. You start by scheduling a consultation with their designers within your house. A $50.00 fee is applied if you order DOMA furnishings above $500.00. They also cater to commercial designs. Most of their existing product line is commercially graded. They specialize in nightclubs and cafe, condo refurbishing, offices, etc.

Doma home furnishings also offer complete design service. For instance they meet all requirements from planning, sourcing, design and implementation. Doma home furnishings also provide several financing programs. They provide gift cards which can be bought in any multiples of $25 and above. They are also open to the idea of hosting any special event within their showroom’s after hours. This may be a wedding or baby shower, a charitable fundraising or casual business meet. However, there have been some complaints about customer service. There have been reports of not finishing their job on time and going past their deadline.

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Review of Badcock Home Furniture Shop

Review of Badcock Home Furniture Shop

Badcock is a home furniture shop in USA that focuses more on quantity than quality.

9 Review of Badcock Home Furniture Shop

Badcock started small in the beginning but has more than three hundred physical stores today in the USA. Even if there is no store near your house, you can use the online store of Badcock to buy and get products delivered. But, the stores are not well managed. Their online shopping system is a mess.


Badcock is primarily a furniture shop. But, you can buy more than just furniture items from Badcock. Do you want to buy mattresses for your house? You can choose from a collection of king size and queen size mattresses that can be used for your bed and pillows. But, the designs of the mattresses are not so unique and there are not many varieties and choices. You also get full size and twin size mattresses. The prices start from $580. Crib mattresses are priced at around $70. But, if you compare the prices offered at other shops, you would come to know that the prices at Badcock are on the higher side.


Badcock also features electronic products such as television systems,CD/DVD players, 2-in-1 stereo systems, home theatre systems, digital cameras, camcorders and so on. You can buy home appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioning systems, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and dryers from Badcock. But, the price is once again an issue. It features appliances from only a limited set of brands such as Frigidaire, Whirlpool and GE. There are better appliance brands that Badcock leaves out.


You might feel that it would have been better off if they had stuck to selling only furniture products. Their attempt to diversify has affected the quality of their furniture products as well. They do have different sub-categories within the furniture category such as living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, kid’s room furniture and some others.But, the product range within each sub-category is not impressive. Only one or two products in each sub-category are worth looking at. The rest seem to be there only for namesake.


Most furniture stores usually have good home office furniture. But, Badcock is a disappointment even here.The colours and designs of the home office furniture don’t look professional at all. Armoires are a very important part of home office furniture. But, they don’t have any armoires at all. They do have a category page for armoires on their website. But, the category page doesn’t have any products.

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We all know that no matter how reputed a furnishing house is, it is actually nothing if it cannot deliver the ordered product safe and sound at the customer’s place. Purnell Furniture Services is one of the leading furniture delivery coordinators who have been trusted by almost all the leading furnishing houses since 32 years.

Almost all the smart furnishing house owners truly believe that if they cannot deliver the furniture nicely at the customer’s place, their job remains incomplete. Also, if the delivered product is damaged in any way, it can leave a bad impression on the service of the furniture store. It is actually very difficult to keep an eye on the workers on the loading truck as how they are managing the sets, and therefore, giving this task to a delivery coordinator will be the best possible solution of all. Purnell very well understands the need of safe delivery and thus they are now at the forefront of delivering furniture sets at the customer’s place safe and in style.

Purnell Delivers: The White Glove Experts!

Purnell started with their furniture store in the interiors of North Virginia but soon the owner lost the lease of the store and since then the Purnell boys started delivering furniture sets to the customer’s place for other retailers. This was a business which sprung up out of necessity and slowly it has now become one of the leading furniture deliverers spreading over 17 states.

It is now connected to the leading furniture stores, interior designing stores as well as with the internet eTailers. All the furniture houses in the country totally believes in the service of Purnell’s as they have more than 30 years of experience and are now believed to be the experts in the field of furniture delivery.

However, there are a few negative points which have come up regarding the service of Purnell’s. A customer from the USA have encountered major problem regarding the service of Purnell. When they got their furniture sets at their place, they were much excited to open it and see what’s inside. However, the Purnell’s workers didn’t show any interest in opening the packages for them and they moved out of their house simply dumping the packaged furniture in the living area. This was a lot disappointing for the customer and when they filed a complaint against their service, the Purnell’s owner said that they will send the workers again to fix it but till now no one came. Another customer was of the view that their delivered furniture sets were severely damaged and when they complained it to Purnell’s, they said that they cannot do anything as it is the fault of the furniture retailers and when they called the furniture store, they said the same thing for Purnell’s and now they do not to whom to confront.

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Mattress Avenue – your answer to a good night’s sleep

Mattress Avenue – your answer to a good night’s sleep

All of us at some time or another have had experiences with not sleeping well and just feeling out of sorts.  A good night’s sleep is vital for everybody.  Having a good bed and mattress makes this easier.

a147e5e57552615b43b902b584869c47 Mattress Avenue – your answer to a good night’s sleep

One source for good mattresses and beds in Florida is Mattress Avenue.  It is a discount outlet and also has a factory showroom as well – being a family owned business, they are able to pass on the savings to their customers.  This is possible because they have very low overhead and have just employees – no sales people to whom they have to pay commissions.  At Mattress Avenue, one can expect to find all the top brands – like Stearns and Foster, Sealy, Serta, Simmons, King Koil and more.  Not only that they also carry a good range of beds as well – check them out and see if an adjustable bed is what you want.


They also carry the latest bedding like Memory Foam and the Imattress by King Koil.  Mattress Avenue sources all its goods from factories around the state of Florida – discontinued items, overstocks and even special purchases directly from the manufacturers.  Customers can be assured that every mattress that is received at the store is a brand new one, backed by a warranty.  They do occasionally have mattresses which are floor models or samples used at a home show or a discontinued on.  They do a thorough quality inspection and offer the requisite information when a product is put out on the showroom floor.


Mattress Avenue also guarantees to match the price on any item – if it is found at a cheaper price from with another competitor.  Get 10% off extra as well.  The store takes pride in offering top of the line beds at great prices – none of the no-name or generic brands offered by some other stores.  There is no credit check involved – so anyone looking for a new bed or mattress can walk in and get what they need.  Customers are offered a 60 day trial period and an exchange policy to customers – in case they are not happy with their purchase and would like to return the item.  The store is open 5.5 days a week – Monday through Friday and 12-5pm on Sunday.  There are always sales, coupons and deals to be found on the website – so do keep checking to see if the mattress you want is on sale.


Most of the customers are quite happy with their experience of purchasing with the store – they appreciate the help from all the salespeople and the store has managed to generate business through repeat customers and recommendations.


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